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N-Deals | Geo-Marketing Application Service

Geographic Information System

Geo-marketing is a marketing strategy that uses geographic information and location data to plan and execute marketing campaigns.

N-Deals is a product of geo-marketing tool for customers operating stores in Southeast Asia+, which aims to standardize and save labor in store development operations by visualizing and analyzing store and surrounding information.

This application processes and analyses various geographic data and attributes related to business development, namely:

  • Points of Interest; has various types such as government buildings, restaurants, hotels, cafes, schools, etc. This data gives information on facilities.
  • Traffic data; used to determine the density or travel time of a road.
  • Road network; useful to know the area covered based on the duration of travel time from one point.
  • Demographic data; has various information such as population by gender, age group, occupation, religion, etc.
  • Property value data; provide information about the economic value of a region.

With our experience of more than 15 years in using GIS for marketing development, from various types of business, we are able to provide formulation of strategies until the validation of results and efficacy to our customer.

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