Getting ground surfaces images from a helicopter gives rise to issues such as the amount of time taken to identify the location that has been targeted. While some may suggest getting with GPS equipped cameras, shooting long-distant or oblique photographs from a helicopter often means that the subject is with great distance from the position of the camera. As such, the photography location (position of the camera) and the location of the subject may not necessarily be the same.

Furthermore, while it is possible to locate one's position with a normal GPS, it is not possible to find out the direction that one is facing.

Even for photographs for which it is relatively easy to identify the location, it is not possible to obtain the accurate coordinates. However, it is possible to obtain the position coordinates using this system.

Imagine the photograph with just mountains and fallen trees. Much time is required to identify the location. Using this system enables to determine the location of the subject easily and to move quickly into the next process, such as consideration of the site check route soon after verification of the photograph.

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