PALS (Portable Aerial-photography and Locator System)

Published 2015-08-31 08:06:36

Getting ground surfaces images from a helicopter gives rise to issues such as the amount of time taken to identify the location that has been targeted. While some may suggest getting with GPS equipped cameras, shooting long-distant or oblique photographs from a helicopter often means that the subject is with great distance from the position…

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Road Condition Laser Surveying (MMS: Mobile Mapping System)

Published 2015-08-31 05:22:04

PASCO utilizes this vehicle measuring technology to enhance efficiency and sophistication in road maintenance and management work. In this way, PASCO provides support for optimizing lifecycle costs and extending the lifespan of social infrastructure. a.) Development of Road Inventories, Topographic Maps, and Base Maps (Digital mapping based on data acquired) The use of MMS in…

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