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N-Track, NSI Vehicle Tracking Service

22 February 2024 | Article

Ntrack is a web-based application service for monitoring and tracking vehicles comprehensively. We provide various services in managing company vehicles such as real-time vehicle position information and its history, driving behavior, fuel usage, and so on. Features:

Real-time Vehicle Tracking
Tracking vehicles in real-time using user friendly application powered by Google, with many features such as filtering vehicle to be displayed, find closest vehicle, set route navigation and many more.

Administrator Menu
Register and control all parameter of car, user, group, point of interest and geofence area using Administrator privileges.

Map and Historical Activity
Get information about historical car movement and all status details to help user to analyze compliance with company regulations.

Warning Type and Notifications
Provide many type of sensor reading and vehicle movement behavior to notify user immediately if there is violation based on user parameter or regulation.

Driver Behavior
To evaluate the driver behavior quality by record four parameters: over-speed, harsh braking, harsh cornering, and harsh accelerating.

Schedule Management
Create working schedule based on geofence and notification feature to inform user whether there is schedule violation.

Provides ready to print-out reports from many types of analysis.

Digital Video Recorder
Record situation in front and inside the vehicle, sending notification if there are shock or high vibration events, to help you investigate events such as accident using recorded video files.

Real-time Vehicle Tracking is using Google API for:

  • Basemap, the most familiar map type for user
  • Live traffic, helps user to identify the traffic situation of the vehicle’s current position
  • Street view, helps user to identify the surrounding environment of the vehicle’s position history
  • Geocode, shows the address based on the vehicle’s position
  • Distance, helps user to identify the total length of vehicle’s trip
  • Route, helps user to navigate the shortest or fastest route between positions

Warning Type and Notifications

  • Geo-fence, setup work area based on user’s work specification
  • Idle status, to identify driver’s behavior that let the vehicle’s engine still on even the vehicle is not moving for certain period of time.
  • Door sensor, detect an open door that may cause violation based on user’s work specification.
  • Fuel sensor, detect a drastic decrease of vehicle’s fuel.
  • Area schedule, manage work schedule based on working area or position.
  • Overspeed status, detect vehicle’s over-speed where is one of the parameter of driver’s behavior.
  • No-data receiver status, detect vehicle’s that not sent data to server for certain period of time.
  • Shock detection, detect a strong shock to the vehicle that may be caused by accident or sudden break.
  • SOS, send notification to user or company’s administrator.
  • Temperature sensor, inform user and help to maintain the temperature of chiller box of vehicle.

Driver Behavior

  • Over-speed status; detects when the vehicle is moving faster than a preset speed value.
  • Harsh braking; detect when a driver applies more force than necessary to the vehicle’s brake system.
  • Harsh accelerating; detect when a driver applies more force than necessary to the vehicle’s accelerator.
  • Harsh cornering; detect when a driver takes a turn or curve too fast.


  • Summary report, give the summary of vehicle’s moving duration, average speed, top speed, and many more.
  • Movement report, give detail information of each vehicle position such as time, vehicle status, speed, distance, address of the position.
  • Geo-fence report, give information of vehicle’s duration inside or outside certain geo-fence.
  • Notification report, give information of all type of notification based on vehicle and specific time length.
  • Customized report, any type of report based on user specification.

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