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Aerial Photogrammetric Surveying using UCX/UCXp (Digital camera: Area Sensor)

31 August 2015 | News

“UltraCam-X” and “UltraCam-Xp” are the products of the evolution of RC (analogue) series cameras to digital cameras. They have a dynamic range that far surpasses the photography range and filming capability of conventional aerial cameras. The shortest shutter interval is 1 second (1.35 seconds for UltraCam-X), and can secure 80% overlap even at ground resolution of 4 cm.

As a result, they are able to significantly reduce the occlusion of buildings, thus enabling mapping that is of a higher degree of precision.

Unlike conventional cameras, it is possible to attach eight lenses to these cameras. Of these, the four panchromatic (monochromatic) lenses located in the center of the camera overcome slight time lags to take split shot images. By combining these split shot images, it is possible to obtain centrally projected images that are the same as typical photographs. The four lenses located in the periphery can take colored images (RGB) and near-infrared images (NIR) at the same time that monochromatic images are being captured. In addition, through synthesis with high-resolution monochromatic images (pan-sharpening), it is possible to create colored and near-infrared images that have a similarly high degree of resolution as that for monochromatic images. High-resolution near-infrared images are useful in areas such as vegetation survey.

Source link: http://www.pasco.co.jp/eng/products/aerialphoto/