With this integrated, associative solution, companies can rapidly propagate product and process information through development, focused collaboration and eliminates the waste and inefficiency of translating data between systems, departements, and phases of process.

Machine and Spare Part

We provide machine and spare part for your production. Range of machine is CNC Milling, CNC Lathe, CNC Wire from several maker and manual machine too. Depend on your product, our engineer will discuss with you to configure suitable machine and spare part.

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  • Machine Services

    Problem with controller, for example Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Heindenhein, Intec, etc, problem with Servo, problem with motherboard or another problem, don’t hesi-tate, please contact us. Our engineer will fix it for you immediately.


    Good CNC machine must use good software too. Mastercam, Delmia, Vericut, Cimco Edit, DNC Max, Robot Master, MDC Max, NC Base is set of software that support your machine more efficient. Our engineer will help you to choose, training and implement a suitable software depend on kind of CNC machine and CNC machine condition. Details

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