HNM provides support daily maintenance covering wide range IT related equipment such as: desktops, laptops, printer, servers, storages, switches, router, firewall with varities of systems, including Windows Domain Environment, Virtual Environment, Backup System, VLAN, VPN and IT Security.

Product & Services

Maintenance Based Contract

Support customer’s needs of Information Technology in accordance with company IT Policy. We will do preventive maintenance to decrease disruption, protect users from intruder and troubleshooting the problems.

What is maintenance based contract do:

  • IT Assessment, NSI will assess all environment to fulfill IT compliance accordance to the intellectual rights and ideal IT Systems for users.

  • IT Documentation, NSI will provide network documentation and periodically updates.

  • Custom configuration needed.

  • Hardware upgrade and replacement.

  • Monitoring systems health.

  • Backup operational procedure.

  • Troubleshooting problems and reporting.

  • Evaluation of the problem and prevent problems in the future.

On Call Support

NSI will responsible to the specific scope of works declare in the on call support services agreement. It can be per case support or per-hour based.

Other Services

Consulting Services

With years of experience in varities of IT environment, our team will assess existing systems and provide new design and/or upgrade into latest IT technology. We provide road map of Migration of Servers (Windows Server, Active Directory, File Server), hardware replacement and propose IT Security enhancement.

Desktop Management

IP-guard, Helps organization protect data security, manage Internet usage, and simplify IT systems management. It enables organizations to avoid costly loss of data leaks, regulate users' Internet and PC activity, and effectively manage IT systems.

Available Modules: Application Management, Bandwidth Management, Basic Management, Document Management, Device Management, Email Management, IM Management, IT Asset Management, Network Management, Print Management, Remote Maintenance, Removable Storage Management, Screen Monitoring, Website Management.

Cloud Services

We provide migration services from on-premises environment to Office365 and Microsoft Azure. Placed files server into cloud and access it anywhere. Migrate exchange on-premises into Office365.

Case Studies

Office Inter-Connection

Head Office and Branch Office Inter-Connection with Windows Active Directory, Network Antivirus, Watchguard BOVPN, Desktop Management and Cloud Services.
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VMWare High Availability

Enabled VMotion for all Virtual Machine from ESX1 to ESX2 server vice-versa. Requirement: ESX Server, Storage, SAN Switch, VMWare.
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